A Black Hole Swallowed My House

Or that’s how it feels like. A year ago, I was healthier than all my friends, I could run 14km a day, and had a badass job in Marketing and PR.¬†And then 4 months later it all changed.

I lost my health, I lost my strength, and I was forced to quit my job.

It’s what happens when you have Lupus. You can have your whole life figured out and then out of nowhere be forced to drop everything and take care of yourself because otherwise you will die. The worst thing, though, is not that (at least not to me, anyway). To me, the worst thing is that there is nothing that can be done about it. You are supposed to take the medication (some of which has terrible side-effects) and just chill.

So that’s what I’m learning to do. It’s not easy but I’m here and I’m trying and I think that’s all that matters. (And that’s all that matters because if I didn’t try, I would die so it’s not like I really have a choice).

So here is the first of the many posts I will try to write about how to deal with this stuff and how to make the best of it.



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